grocery store Spanish with Grace

I started reading my sticky note grocery list out loud, Grace listening:


She asked what I was doing. I explained: I’d just learned by observing a Spanish immersion class that “incorrect” in Spanish is “incorrecto.” I’m just generalizing the rule as my translation scheme. Since she’s taking 9th grade Spanish, I thought I’d try to work with her on our language skills.

And so I continued:



She ignored me until I got to:


Because she’s wickedly smart, and since she gets that I’m willfully ignorant and inappropriate, she starts to snicker. She’s the person I try out new puns on, and the one who appreciates irony. Just the other day, she sent me a photo of a sign which read, “Please do not put anything on the piano.” It was on a piano.

I stop short at the end of my list. “Oh, this one’s already in Spanish.” She just stared forward as I pushed the cart down the aisle, bracing herself.



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