half staff

Why is the flag at half staff? I asked out loud as we drive by the high school, both to wonder out loud and in search of any insight from passengers.

Was it the coal miners buried?

Or the kidnapped girls?

Or the memorial of the tragedy?

Or something else altogether that I was missing?

It could have been any of those things, or any of some number of things that I didn’t know about. Each time I see the flag out of place, I am nervous. What event did I miss that I have yet to hear about?

This morning, in the obituaries that Karyn opens the paper to at breakfast, there was the sad story of the infant who developed an infection and only lived to a week, and we all noted how sad that was. How sad that is. And then to note the grieving surrounding that photo, and all the flags at half staff for every image on that page, and the next. There is always someone for whom the flag is being lowered.


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