the job

Occasionally, I get some kind of study or survey to fill out that describes my needs. Needs for books, needs for resources, needs for services. And somewhere within the list of questions I’m asked about my job, and it’s at that point that I always get stuck. Take, for example, the list that included “accounting” and “administrative” and “consulting” and “creative” and “customer services” and “research and development” along with a host of other things. I was completely stymied, not simply because there was no “teaches classes,” but because so many of the other boxes — perhaps all of them — could be checked. If only they’d added “committee work and janitorial service,” I may have been able to really capture it all.

This week I’m teaching my classes and going to the regular (and irregular) meetings. But, I’ve also started to plan a dance class that I’m collaborating with, I was a guest in a science-of-cooking class, and today I consulted with a national media program about ski jumping, both by being interviewed and by actually getting in a wind tunnel with a harness and getting coach by the olympic team’s leader on how to flex my ankles and pivot my hips. This is all to say that I have, perhaps, the best job in the world. This is a particularly busy week, but particularly busy with those things that I can’t believe I get to do.

And, on Friday, I’m visiting a school to do demonstrations and try to promote science fair. I’ll probably levitate something and make something else glow.

After that I have to sit in a 3-hour workshop on “blended learning.” So, clearly, it’s not all fun. But, holy Jesus, I got to to in a wind tunnel and get guided by an olympic team coach. I still don’t understand my job, but I like it.


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