ignore forever

This is the first day of classes.

I was doing the last-minute first-day-of-classes kind of things, detailing some assignments and organizing a calendar for the semester. This process also includes visiting the online course materials for past courses, mining materials I’ve used in previous sections to resurrect for the coming term. In these sections, I saw old alerts — a feature of the online course management system — reminding me to grade an old paper or exam. As I hovered over the obsolete reminder, I was given an option to click upon a useful button: “Ignore forever.”

I clicked “ignore forever” so that I no longer had a reminder on my account to grade something that I’d already graded by hand. But I also decided immediately that “ignore forever” would be a useful clickable on so many other aspects of life. It would be nice to “ignore forever” the insensitivies of a midlevel administrator, the annoying electronically fake church bells of the retreat house up the street that play at 7:35 each morning, the barking of a neighbor’s dog, and the whining of anyone, including midlevel administrators.

For now, I’m satisfied with ignoring forever past reminders of small tasks. Someday I’ll move up in maturity to ignore forever little grievances and prejudices that I carry with myself. And someday, if I can really work at it, I may be able to ignore forever those fake church bells. But it could take a while.

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