on perspective

Karyn dropped her iPhone in the toilet.

It’s just as stupid as it sounds, especially after we had just been talking about certain impracticalities of having the device in the back pocket of her new jeans. But this isn’t a public humiliation of her and the sequence of events she set into motion that led to the demise (hopefully temporary) of the miracle device. Things happen.

Instead, this is about the other realization that comes from events like this. When I stepped through the door and into the house I knew immediately to ask Is Something Wrong because clearly something was and I didn’t even have to ask except to open that conversation. By the admission that something was and the look on her face and the despair in her shoulders, I thought the dog had run into her again and her eye had now completely gone blind, or one of Anna’s (who was standing there as well) friends had just been struck by a car, or there was a cancer diagnosis for a sister, or Karyn had realized that she’d had enough of this life and this house and this family as she stood over the raw fish she was about to broil in the oven and had decided that she was leaving and never coming back, cook this for 10 minutes but check it to make sure it’s done before you serve it.

The good news is that she just dropped her iPhone in the toilet. And the water was even clean. And now the iPhone is in a bag of rice, drying out, and she’s not blind or leaving forever. So it’s going to be okay.


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