I don’t think this was my fault:

But, it could have been. My department chair saw this in a UFO magazine (I don’t ask questions) and immediately thought of me and certain hijinks. I was flattered. After a quick search, I learned that this object made a stir in local New Jersey news a few months ago. Putting the dates together, I realized it couldn’t have been my own giant solar sausage mishap. And yet, I still dream that the effect of something we were playing with this summer could have made some unsuspecting suburbanites think twice about air traffic, aliens, and armageddon.

This all came to my attention on the same day that I received half my shipment of drinking birds. I’d always imagined them each with their own glass of water, drinking quietly with gentle, isolated head bobs. Then I realized that a flock of them could gather at the same beaker:

And then I just walked up and down the hall, giggling, drawing people over to my office to see the birds wobbling to and fro. They’re part of my scheme for an energy workshop for some sixth grade teachers, but they’re also a part of a more general, whimsical non-plan to try out some things just because I can. Tomorrow: The entire baker’s dozen of the drinking birds around a common bowl.


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