three rules

“Daddy, what’s rule number three again?”

It was a non sequitur question, which comes with the territory. When Grace realized that I didn’t know what she was talking about, she started to remind me about the other rules I’ve come up with, one resulting from the pop culture obsession with vampires and the other resulting from watching Disney’s Enchanted, an entertaining satire about what it would be like if the typical fairy tale animations lived in the real world. I paused, understood, and remembered. The list of rules for my daughters is as follows:

  1. No dating vampires.
  2. Do not follow a man you’ve never met into a sewer drain.
  3. Don’t turn to the dark side of the force.

I think that number three started out more specific, something like, “Don’t be fooled by an old man in a cloak to convince you that dissolving the imperial senate is a progressive reform.” But the current statement is easier to remember.

As far as parenting guides go, I think this is pretty concise yet thorough. Rule #3 covers a lot of territory, but #1 certainly gives specific guidance. As a father, I’m glad that my daughters have these and whatever other ad hoc provisions I come up with in the next decade to guide them through. And, I’m glad they have a mother who can fill in the other obvious gaps.

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