terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day

It’s not quite this bad, but — ugh! —

I woke up and started grading because they’re due today and happened to find the worst paper in the stack to start from. And then I missed my bus, watched it drive by on the other side of the street. So I bought coffee (a good thing). And then I crossed the street, running because the “walk” signal wasn’t working, and then I slipped on the ice, fell on the pavement, spilled my coffee, hurt my hand. My toes are cold. My heel hurts. My grades are due. And then I checked my mail — ooh! mail! — to find a budget reallocation thing returned with a handwritten note that one of my accounts “is in deficit $8,435.” And that’s just wrong, a clerical or accounting error or something, but I can’t tell because the system doesn’t let me log in to see this account, the one that’s in my name, the one that shows a deficit of some eight thousand dollars. And to make it worse, accounting didn’t seem to process other things for other accounts because of this glitch in another account. And my heel still hurts, although only when I walk to miss the bus or slip on the ice or pick up my mail. And I forgot my lunch.

And I still need to grade.

So I should stop writing this.

Yesterday was good. Tomorrow will be as well. Today will get better. It’s all minor. My spilled coffee mug is half full.

3 thoughts on “terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day

  1. I hope the rest of the day is better than the start.

    Slipping on the ice always makes me irrationally angry at the world. To spill coffee during the fall is to add insult to injury.

    1. Thank you! But please don’t worry about this. It has something to do with the details and (I think) some funds that were “committed” to hold a contract, but not actually spent. Today I’ll worry about grades; tomorrow (or the next day) I’ll take the time to sort it out.

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