diversion and distraction

Today I’m teaching class on the nature of scientific inquiry and hosting a panel discussion entitled “The Death of the University?” All exciting and enough to think about, but other things pop into my psyche:

  • I’m being sued. Sure, it’s along with some other people, not so bad. Mostly just not much of a ‘thank you’ for volunteering to work on a school board.
  • I got asked to be a co-PI on a giant federal grant that’s essentially already been written.
  • Someone’s coming to talk to me tomorrow to see if I could potentially teach in England this summer.
  • We could reformulate our lab program next semester and I could get a chance to study it.
  • There are tacos for lunch from Rita’s.
  • And something else . . . just give it 5 minutes, I’m sure.

But I really need to think about class and the panel. Tough work when your stomach is growling and there’s the prospect of carnitas (and law suits and giant grants and England studies and . . . ) very soon.


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