the chair

This is the chair that I’m sitting in right now, sans me:


It’s one of those things that I’ve wanted for years, and suddenly on Friday afternoon it was just here, along with a rearranged living room. Karyn and the girls had had it shipped, and they spent their afternoon getting the chair ready for when I got home. They wanted to make sure, as Anna described, that it was ready for me so that I could “drink beer and grade papers.” So far I’ve drunk some beer, written a few things, had some coffee, listened to music, and read the New York Times. I’ve also pointed to it and said “look at my new chair” to guests. And now I sit in it, becoming one with the leather and working my hands into the hardwood. Like the piano behind it, it should be here a long time.

I’m fortunate in many ways, more than I can list. We’re healthy and we can afford where we live and the things we do, and we’ve reached a point where there are a few things beyond what we “need” that can show up randomly on a Friday afternoon in October. But most of all I’m fortunate that I have a family who thinks of all these things; daughters who answer the phone when I call from the office and giggle while simultaneously telling me “nothing” when I ask what’s going on; a partner who had long planned to cash in her first paychecks to invest in the chair I’ve always wanted. Most of all, they were excited to see me sit in it and drink a beer and listen to music.


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