I’ll readily admit that I look to others for approval and acknowledgement. And while I’m at it, I have to confess that this extends so far as to look for evaluations from my daughters. Perhaps on, there may someday be a comment from some anonymous individual enrolled in LIFE 101 that will read something like this:

What a NERD! He is SOOOO unfair and he can’t understanding anything I’m going through! If for just one minute he could think about what it’s like to be in my shoes then maybe he would have a CLUE, but he doesN’T! And for all of you who gave my dad a chili pepper — that’s just TOTALLY disgusting. Who are you morons? You should see the hair on his back, sometime. I swear he saves all his farts for when he gets home, too

So far it hasn’t come to this.

Instead, after I finished doing “science day” activities at the girls’ school and met them outside after, Grace ran up to me and gave me a hug. She said, “Dad, everyone in my class comes up to me and says that I have the awesomest dad in the world.” She glowed, looking up with those eyes that melt me every time, and then she took my hand and we walked home.

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