Today I did plenty of things in which I could have hurt myself. A bike ride. Cutting the sushi rolls I assembled myself. Installing new track lighting in the kitchen. Barbecuing dinner. I could have crashed, sliced, electrocuted, or burned myself. But I survived all of these in addition to the day’s more standard activities like walking, showering, and driving.

Photo on 2009-10-04 at 00.39.jpg

So why all the bandages? Carrying an empty glass up the stairs before I went to bed, tripping on the top stairs, and falling on my own glass as it shattered on the tile. Could I have been more careful heading up the stairs? Could I have carried the glass in a single hand? Could I have dropped the glass as I was falling? Yes, yes, yes. But I didn’t. And now I’m idiotically tapping out this documentation with my sore, gashed hands.


4 thoughts on “idiocy

    1. I only wish I had such an excuse. I was wearing my usual Birkenstocks, which are probably a bit less stable than other shoes, but hardly a reason to miss any particular step.

  1. Um, ouch! Makes me feel less like an idiot, though, for saying all the time, “Stairs are so dangerous! It’s a wonder that more people don’t get injured on stairs.” This tirade is usually met with puzzled looks that say “OK, loony over-reacting one,” but SEE WHAT CAN HAPPEN ON THE STAIRS?!?!

    Hope you heal quickly.

  2. Owie! I flinched just reading it.

    But wait.

    You’re making your own sushi now?! How was it?!

    (See what kind of friend I am?)

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