daily dose

After a long day and still more to do tonight to help a student write up some data, I’m reflecting on the hilarity today that followed me wherever I went:

  • Standing in line to get a sandwich, two male students talked behind me:
    “You gonna go to class, dude?”
    “I totally don’t want to. But I guess I will ’cause I don’t want to go wait for the bus now.”
    So there’s a testimonial for a course: Better than waiting for the bus in the rain.
  • Grace got to throw a pie at her principal’s face, a reward to the top two readers in each classroom. 640 elementary students flooded the gym and screamed as a handful of kids took turns throwing the pies. I heard about this through another parent after a meeting on campus. She was completely appalled, while I was just amused. I think she couldn’t see any redeeming value in throwing a pie at anyone, not to mention a principal. I thought it was just a way to blow off some steam and generate some school spirit. Besides, it’s positive reinforcement for reading. “Better than throwing pies in the face of the two lowest scoring readers in each class,” I told the aggravated mother. She wasn’t amused. I don’t think she was even listening.
  • Our campus’s first ever “technology symposium” was held today, a forum for those who use technology driven pedagogy to present their innovative teaching methods. Only, in one of the presentations [This is so predictable!], when they couldn’t get their server to work — “This has never happened before!” — they resorted to drawing out on a white board how their interactive web video chat thing would work, if it were working. (The dry erase markers kept fading, adding insult to the situation — even dry erase technology was foiling them.)
  • Tomorrow night K and I are going to a dinner, hosted by a someone who’s basically profiting from a loan to a charter school whose board I’m on. The funny twist is that we’ll be going with another friend and board member who’s Jewish. On Good Friday. Who better to celebrate Good Friday than a friend from the Judaic community? And, we’re going to a steak house. I’m pretty sure this would all give my good Catholic mom a heart attack.
  • Tonight, as I’m trying to figure out how to explain the story behind some data, I’m looking at typed transcripts of some interviews of teachers. In one passage the teacher is talking about the activity and writing process of a “vexation and venture,” but this got transcribed and transposed to “fixation adventure.” Not exactly the same, but amusing.

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