calm before the storm

Tomorrow it begins. People are flying in from all corners of the country (New England, S. Florida, S. California, the Pacific Northwest) as well as foreign lands (Provo) and Crossroads v4.0 begins. There’s this combination of stress and anxiousness and lack of sleep and extreme excitement that blends into a general drunkenness. I keep trusting that the stomach churnings are natural and from within rather than viral.

The last day has been this fantastic calm. No one needs to check on rides anymore, no one has to be called to confirm a flight. It’s this erie moment in which everyone seems to simply be packing their bags, including me. I stacked extra Proceedings and other paperwork into my giant toolbox, made sure I had something to say for introductions of keynotes, and then checked the weather.

Snow. Saturday. Temperatures will plummet below freezing and precipitation will come down. So much for a final night’s dinner on the patio. We’ll have to settle in by the fire. And I trust that will be just fine.


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