in which I twice mention a ceiling fan

My parents are here.

It’s not as bad as I’d been anticipating.

I’d been anticipating — dreading for some reason — the entire visit and everything about it. Dad brought beer, which made it better. We’ve kept busy, but not with writing a book or reviewing proposals. We bought a ceiling fan. My mom talks a lot just to fill things in, but without saying much. In fact, she’s avoiding saying the other things that we need to talk about, and I’ve wondered if she’s aware and deliberate about this, or if she’s just become accustomed to it.

I’m tired.

Karyn went to the zoo, on a school bus, 40 miles, each way, with 100 kindergartners. She’s even more tired.

I should try to take up yoga . . . again. Karyn got me a DVD a few years ago called “Yoga for Inflexible People.” It totally matched the intended audience, although I wondered if the multiple meanings of “inflexible” were intended. “Pilates for assholes” would be a good DVD, too.

The girls had a dance recital tonight. It was fantastic. Anna, in particular, moved her feet in deliberate, fast, amazing ways. (Talking to a friend, we realized that this is remarkable in a kid not because it’s deliberate, but because it’s deliberate in a way that is not to gratify an immediate want.)

I got a raise. Bigger than ever before (not saying much, but still saying something). I should get promoted more often. Except this was my last promotion on my current trajectory.

Tomorrow is soccer. The last game of the season. And our barbeque. And my birthday. And dinner.

I haven’t done any writing in days. But I’m tired, and even though everyone else is off to bed, I won’t write anymore.

Except for this. If you looked at the kindergarten core curriculum for the state of Utah, there’s a bunch of stuff that’s been added to get kids ready to work with numbers and letters. But if you looked at the rest of it, the standards of learning are these:

Students will develop a sense of self.
Students will develop a sense of self in relation to families and community.
Students will develop an understanding of their environment.

I’ve long thought that these are learning goals that we can have for kindergarten . . . and for 3rd grade, and 6th, and high school, and in college. If you can understand the self, your relationships with others, and something about the universe around you, then you pretty much have it covered. Forget about learning colors, the difference between a fibula and a tibia, and the past perfect tense. Sure, you can learn those things, but if we placed it all into those three goals, wouldn’t we have a better sense of what we’re doing?

I’m trying to remember to add this to my talk next Wednesday.

Tomorrow I need to install that new ceiling fan. And Anna’s going rock climbing for a birthday party. There’s another list of things to do, but I need to leave it alone right now.


One thought on “in which I twice mention a ceiling fan

  1. Happy belated birthday.

    I laughed so hard about “Pilates for Assholes” that tears ran down my face while I was sitting here at my desk at work. Since that one doesn’t exist yet, I should look into “Yoga for Inflexible People,” as I fit that definition on multiple levels.

    Good luck with that ceiling fan. Oh, and everything else.

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