inside myself

I started reading The Political Incorrect Guide to Science last night.  It’s as bad as I thought.  I want to read this and discuss it with other “liberals [who] have hijacked science for long enough.”  (This is a project for the fall, and my dean will even throw in for the books.)  After only one chapter I’m already at a loss for how to combat the misinformation, religious zeal, and anthropomorphic egocentricism that promotes this stuff.  But I’m not biased.
I also enjoyed this from David Lee:

shit young feller, you ain’t got started yet and the reason’s cause you trying to do it outside yourself and ain’t looking in and if you wanna by god write pomes you gotta write pomes about what you know and not about the rest

which seems to me to be good advice.  Granted, I don’t write poems nor pomes (not well, anyway) and I don’t raise pigs.  But I suspect there’s plenty, or at least something, just as good as pigs and pomes.


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