finished again?

I still need to read it just one more time (after many other reads, edits, editor edits, layout, my editing the editor’s edits, editor re-edits — each time a little less and a little more refined), but I think this might be done.  After the next read, I’ll send it to Billy.  I really like to see it all laid out and pretty looking.  And there’s my picture even.

“I thought you were done with that,” Karyn pointed out this morning when I was, in fact, actively re-editing it.  
This afternoon I printed out some summer science seminar assignments for our teachers, and Stacy printed out a really beautiful itinerary of the trip from a linear accelerator to an astronomical observatory and everything in between.  It was almost a great meeting.  Turns out the administrator “helping” us told different groups of people different times to meet; and he invited new people who hadn’t yet applied to attend.  There were excuses.  They guy’s busy, and there are lots of communication channels.  But I was really annoyed.  The good news is that everyone really wants to go.  The problem might be that we’ve planned on 16 seats, but now we have 24 potential people.
We’ll figure that out on Thursday.
Also good news: Doritos were “buy one get one free” at the grocery store.  Grace had her first t-ball practice, and she really likes it.  My noisy but efficient 2-stroke scooter is up and running after only about 2 minutes of fuss.  It was in the 70’s today.  I made lots of headway on lots of very little things.

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