Of my three tasks I set for myself today, I've so far completed one.
Another is partially completed. I was stymied throughout the day
looking for notes of a previous review — the things I'm supposed to
be responding to. I'd made a hard copy of them, I'd sworn I'd saved
them in the dedicated folder with all the other stuff for this
project, and I'd sworn that they were archived in an old email system,
although that's certainly the least reliable.

I spent much of my day looking through files at home and at the
office. Looking through an archive of email and backed up hard drive
files. I did get to play with Apple's "Time Machine," which is
creepy, useful, and efficient. None of this offered even a glimmer of
what I was looking for. I'm mad at myself, frustrated, mystified, and
now cycling through coping strategies. The hard copied notes — the
ones I was sure I'd brought home with me weeks ago — must be here,
and I could spend more time looking in more places (although I don't
know where) for them. Or, I could give that up and do something much
less efficient. I'm relegating myself to some reading that I need to
do anyway.

While at the office I got to see people, talk shop and politics, find
some other papers I hadn't been looking for, and saw my picture in the
paper. It turns out that of the five finalists for the big university
teaching award, two of us are physicists. Stacy (the other finalist)
and I joked that this should rival most snowball-chance-in-hell kind
of scenarios at most universities. Fortunately, I work in a place
where I could honestly see five people from physics all deserving of
finalist status. That would be a fun party.

Tomorrow I meet a grad student, visit the conference site, and then
meet with some Salt Lake District folks about their new school. I
think they may have just hired a former student of mine, and together
they get to design the place from scratch and do teacher inservice and
university methods courses there.

Back to reading . . . which offers lots to write about as well. This
piece is calling on everything from Vygotsky to Communities of
Practice to Apprenticeship to Identity . . . basically a whole bunch
of old and new theoretical constructs, and then it's about to (I
think) show how they use it all. I think it's nonsense. Or maybe I'm
just hoping it is, since it will give me something good to argue
with. I'm in the mood.


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